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Category: Urological

Coloplast’s® Surecath™ Ready-to-Use Sterile, Enclosed System The saline and coated catheter are sealed in a sterile collection bag - ready for use. Because the water used for activation is sterile, there is no need to handle the catheter itself, there is a reduced potential for transferring bacterial into the urinary tract.

The smart designed package makes SureCath™ easy to handle, even for those with limited manual dexterity. SureCath™ catheters are coated with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) which binds water at a molecular level when immersed. This makes friction 5 to 10 times lower than with traditional lubricated catheters, thus reducing the potential for urethral trauma.

Sterile Saline Solution Sterile saline solution is contained within a sealed vial within the bag. No need to use plain tap water to activate the catheter coating. Ready-to-Use Collection Bag: Two sizes, 700 ml and 1200 ml, disposable and easy to carry. This product may be purchased individually or in a box of 20.

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