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Category: CPAP

With the revolutionary EasyLife, Respironics has made a nasal mask that fits almost anyone.  Thanks to a highly innovative design and Respironics' patented Auto Seal technology, EasyLife efficiently, confidently, and comfortably fits a fuller range of faces.  EasyLife is also easy to live with thanks to its easy of use, extreme comfort, feather-light weight, quiet operation, and premium seal. 

With its unique dual-cushion design and Auto Seal technology, the EasyLife fits a wide variety of patients.  The soft inner cushion readily adapts to facial contours to create an instant and self-adjusting seal, nearly eliminating the need for nose bridge and forehead pad adjustments.  The outer cushion provides support, allowing the mask to rest lightly on the patient's face, so he or she doesn't need to over-tighten the headgear to achieve a suitable seal.  The headgear features headgear stops for easier fitting and adjustment.

This product does not contain natural rubber latex.

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