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Home Ventilators

Medi-Rents & Sales, Inc., provides:

  • Complete and continuing training for caregivers and nursing agencies, which includes both a hands-on test and written exam to ensure our patients’ safety.
  • One to two times per month visits to our ventilator patients and more frequently as needed.

We offer three portable ventilators:

  • LTV 950, which at 13 pounds, features pressure control and support, NPPV, adjustable flow-triggering, apnea backup model, BiPAP and CPAP, and Lithium ion six-hour batteries. LTV 950 weighs less than most comparably equipped vents, allowing for maximum mobility.
  • LTV 1150, at 14.5 pounds, can be used on a stand, in a backpack or a custom carrier. The device features volume and pressure control, pressure support and spontaneous, SIMV/ CPAP and non-invasive. The 1150 offers easy, secure solutions for travel. The SprintPack Lithium Ion Power System provides up to five hours of battery power, and the internal battery for emergency backup provides extra security.

Please view the following ventilator videos: